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Sleep dentistry: It’s a winning combination

Pain, fear, anxiety; are they keeping you from seeing a dentist? If you could erase those elements from a dental visit, would you go? If you could sleep through a pain-free appointment with no memory at all, wouldn’t that be an amazing experience!

Let me tell you about Scott, 37, who walked into our office to have a broken tooth pulled. 10 years of serious neglect caused heavy staining, fractures, and many missing teeth. He experienced that children became “scared” when he smiled. It was an emotional moment for us all, when after his treatment, Scott beamed with self-confidence; smiling ear-to-ear. His dazzling teeth is now white, gaps closed in and the pain gone completely gone.

Audrey, 76, smiled behind her hand for years. Medication, wear and fear of treatment resulted in a smile she wasn’t proud of. We restored her smile to resemble Audrey in her youth. Her husband thanks us for giving her smile back to the both of them.

At 19, Kristen had wisdom teeth to be removed. However, she delayed the appointment regardless of the pain she was having because didn’t want to go to the hospital. Her dental sleep appointment had her wake up with NO memory. She recommends all of her friends to sleep through their appointments.

Rick, 41, an RCMP officer, couldn’t work while on taking codeine to manage the tremendous amount of pain he was in. Fear of the dentist was more powerful than the tooth pain and he stayed away for years. I’m proud to say, he’s in great shape now; back to work and smiling big.

Sandy, 54, newly divorced and looking to improve her self image, she joined a gym, bought a new wardrobe, and had 8 of her front flawed teeth veenered. The result is stunning. Occasionally she pops by to show us a new colour of lipstick that frames her gorgeous smile. I am ecstatic to watch the transformation of our clients.

What an amazing industry to work in, where in one visit, a smile can be restored, pain can be eliminated and fear can be overcome!

Information provided by Dr. Cam Kesteven, DDS, member of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.

Published in the Abbotsford & Mission News, April 24, 2004