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Teeth Whitening

Let’s face it: one of the first things you notice about people is their smile. When you meet someone with a bright, natural smile, it catches your attention.

However, over time, the natural aging process and your lifestyle (smoking or drinking coffee, tea or wine) can stain your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to dramatically improve the appearance of discoloured or stained teeth.

Introducing our new in-office whitening system, Opalescence® Boost. Done in our office in only about an hour. Lightens teeth up to six shades lighter!

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Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening How does Teeth Whitening work?

Opalescence® Boost Teeth Whitening is a process that will lighten or erase discoloration present on the enamel of your teeth in just one appointment. Because of the enhanced chemical activation of the whitening gel, we can whiten your teeth without the bothersome heat or ultraviolet rays of a laser or light, in just one visit.

Teeth Whitening Who can benefit from this procedure?

Most every patient with discoloured or stained teeth can dramatically improve their appearance with  whitening. A mini complimentary assessment at the beginning of your appointment will determine if you’re a candidate for teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening What does the treatment consist of?

During a single appointment, a whitening gel (made of hydrogen peroxide) is applied directly to your teeth and will be activated for 20 minutes with the unique technology . Then, the gel is removed, and this process is repeated 2-3 times within the same appointment, depending on your specific needs.

Teeth Whitening How white will my teeth get?

In clinical studies, Teeth Whitening has demonstrated that it is able to make teeth six or more shades whiter in a single appointment. Results vary depending on particulars of your case (your teeth will only go as naturally white as YOUR teeth will go), but the vast majority of patients can expect dramatic results, which can even last for years with proper professional care.

Teeth Whitening Is it safe?

Absolutely! The Teeth Whitening procedure will not soften your enamel or damage existing fillings. Besides, the primary ingredient in the Teeth Whitening gel has been safely and widely used for whitening purposes in dentistry for over 100 years. During the treatment, only your teeth are exposed to the gel. Your gums and soft tissues are carefully protected from any possible damage.

Teeth Whitening Is the treatment painful?

The majority of Teeth Whitening patients experience minimal or no pain sensitivity during and after the treatment. The proprietary technology of the Opalescence® Boost does not heat the teeth. A mild analgesic may be taken if a patient experiences slight sensitivity.

Additional Notes:

You should have nothing to eat or drink for 24 hours after the treatment as the the teeth are more susceptible to staining. Choose foods and beverages that are white or clear for this first 24 hours. Then go ahead and enjoy your new smile!

We recommend having your teeth cleaned prior to having your whitening done.

A prescription for a painkiller will be given at the end of the appointment as some patients will experience some discomfort as a result of the treatment.

Treatment is approximately 60 minutes in length. That’s all!


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