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When to Introduce Your Child to the Dentist

Parenthood is full of firsts. First birthday, first day of school, first tooth.

It’s a significant moment when a child gets their first tooth and you may be wondering when you should start implementing oral hygiene habits to maintain your little one’s smile.

What Age Should My Child Go to the Dentist?

The Canadian Dental Association recommends the first visit is within 6 months of the eruptions of the first tooth of by one year of age. The objective is to get your child to the dentist before a dental issue arises. A dental examination for your child every six months will typically enable the dentist to identify minor issues early. There are many benefits to introducing your child to the dentist

  • Familiarity with the dentist
  • The dentist’s parental support
  • Regular visits result in a healthier mouth
  • preventing dental decay or cavities
  • You can evaluate the effectiveness of your home cleaning efforts.


Cavities or tooth decay are one of the most frequent dental illnesses in children, with approximately 20% of children aged 5 to 11 years old having one untreated decayed tooth. Avoiding problems and educating youngsters on the need of visiting the dentist is critical to their general health.

A dentist can also tell parents when their child’s primary teeth will erupt and how to relieve any discomfort connected with a new tooth eruption. X-rays may be requested by your dentist. X-rays reveal tooth decay between the teeth. They will also indicate if teeth are coming in properly. Your child’s dentist may also discuss fluoride with you. Taking your child to the dentist early can help with other elements of their dental health, such as gum health and dental safety. Early dental visits might also help a child feel more at ease with the dentist.

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