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Our Philosophy

Kesteven Dental Care Studio: Where we are proudly setting the standard of excellence in dentistry and client care.

Dr. Kesteven offers a wide range of dental services including healthy alternatives to silver/ mercury fillings, cosmetic dental solutions and customized cleanings with his talented hygiene team. Your dental health and overall wellness are important to Dr. Kesteven. He and his team are passionately dedicated to working with you to ensure that your teeth look great, feel healthy and last the rest of your life.

What do we do ?

We go to extraordinary lengths to give you what you are wanting- providing you with the most advanced dentistry available today while ensuring your comfort and well being are always the priority.

Why do we do it ?

We hear numerous stories from patients who have been disappointed, not listened to, hurt, reprimanded, made to feel ashamed and ultimately disrespected. We want to change that.  We are here to listen and provide healthy options that give you hope and change how you feel about your teeth, your smile and overall health. We give you a dental experience unlike any other you have had before.

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