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Should I get Dental Implants?

Could Dental Implants get you smiling again? Do you have missing or unattractive teeth that keep you from laughing and being as confident as you would like? Dental Implants are a comfortable replacement for natural teeth–an excellent option for an improved appearance, improved speech, improved eating and increased comfort!

What are Dental Implants? Should I get Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small titanium piece designed to replace the root of your natural tooth, replacing one or more missing teeth. Initially, your dentist implants the titanium post into your jaw. Then, over a period of months, your body grows new bone cells around the post, essentially fusing the implant to your jaw bone, a process called osteointegration. Finally, a permanent crown(false tooth) is attached to the titanium post. The implant looks just like a natural tooth, which no one will notice as it acts and looks just like a natural tooth. Implants, unlike dentures, are not removable and do not have to be anchored to adjacent teeth like bridges. 

When to Consider Dental Implants?

Consider implants if you have lost a tooth because of decay, an injury, or damaged due to a natural defect. If you have lost most or all of your natural teeth, getting several implants can be an alternative to dentures or bridges. You may be a candidate for the implant procedure if your jaw has reached its mature size and you are in good overall health.

Jawbone growth must be complete to ensure that you have enough bone mass to anchor the titanium post in place. For women, this happens at around age 16, and for men, it happens at about age 18. For this reason, dental implants are only performed on adults.

The Benefits of a Dental Implant 

Dental implants replace missing teeth, allowing you to enjoy the full functionality of your mouth in the following ways:

Improved Aesthetics: Your teeth look natural and feel comfortable. Each implant is custom made so that it blends in with your other natural teeth. When the implant is placed, your smile will be functionally and cosmetically restored.

Improved Oral Health: Having teeth replaced maintains jaw bone health, literally keeping the bone from deteriorating, and helps keep your face from sagging as you age. Having the implant placed, helps  keep the rest of your teeth in their proper position in your jaw. If you do not want to have tooth structure removed and crowns placed to affix a dental bridge, an implant is a good alternative. Implants can also be used in place of partial or complete dentures.

Prevents further Bone Loss: The longer a tooth has been missing, the more likely the bone surrounding that previous tooth has deteriorated. An implant helps prevent further bone loss. If you don’t have enough bone, a bone graft can regenerate bone to ensure the success of your implant.

Durable: As implants fuse with your natural bone, they will last many years with good oral care. In use for more than 40 years, implants have a high success rate with most people finding the stability and security of the implant very comfortable.

Increased Confidence: You may feel an increased sense of confidence about how you look. Implants are designed for long-term use and are safe. There is no worry about laughing, smiling, or even speaking again – knowing your teeth are securely in place.

Improved Speech:  Speak without worrying about slipping dentures or removing dentures for cleaning.

Improved Eating:  As loose dentures make chewing difficult with the risk of falling out, implants allow you to eat favourite foods with confidence and without pain.

Caring for Dental Implants

The care for dental implants is very similar to that of caring for your regular teeth. Simply brush, floss, and use non-alcoholic mouthwash daily to help keep your teeth clean. Regular dental checkups provide you with the opportunity to make sure that your implants are healthy and functioning properly.

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By Lori Kesteven