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Safe Mercury Removal

No Mercury Fillings for You!


Did you know that mercury is toxic to your health and should not be living inside your mouth! The number one source of mercury in most people is dental amalgam fillings. Silver(also known as Amalgam) fillings are silver, tin, zinc, copper and 50% mercury and emit mercury vapours. Mercury is highly toxic, and there is no known safe level of mercury.

Exposure To Mercury

Mercury exposure increases as much as 500%1 every time you chew, drink hot fluids, have acidic liquids/foods, and grind your teeth. Mercury vapours escape into your system and become deposited into vital organs such as the brain.2 There is a direct correlation between the content of mercury in the brain and the amount of amalgam filling in the mouth.3 Studies also indicate that the incidents of Depression, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and neurological conditions were higher in those with amalgam fillings. All in all, research shows that having mercury fillings exposes you to harmful effects on your health. 

Safe Mercury Removal

There is good news! Kesteven Dental Care follows the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) recommendations for removing existing dental mercury amalgam fillings, incorporating detailed protective measures for this specific procedure. We have built on the traditional safe amalgam removal techniques such as the use of masks, water irrigation, high volume suction by integrating ultraviolet light monitors and the Pura Air Purification System.


Mercury-free materials are available that are healthy, functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

You can have your silver “mercury” fillings removed safely without causing additional exposure to harmful vapours. Contact Kesteven Dental Care Studio at or by calling us at 604-826-8087.


Note: we do not recommend the removal of amalgam fillings for pregnant or breastfeeding women.





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