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A unique dental experience

Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

Beyond cavities, crowns and cleanings, the impact of a smile reaches from the corners of our mouth and into the depths of our emotions. We all benefit from a smile, whether we are on the giving or receiving end of it. The smile is the total center of expression. When it dazzles, you exude confidence and contentment, happiness and joy.

In this millennium, we celebrate looking our best. We sun-tan, colour our hair, wax and tweeze and have a workout routine. The desire to feel good about ourselves and put our best face forward is ageless and genderless. In the cosmetic field of dentistry, the number of men and women that desire physical changes to restore or enhance facial expressions, appearances and smiles is increasing.The collaboration efforts of the cosmetic dentist and the image consultant are so important. How do we take our clients from ordinary to extraordinary?

Modern Cosmetic Dentistry Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

A skilled cosmetic dentist can give a client the smile that they desire. I tell my clients “Anything you can dream, dentally we can do.” From simple whitening treatments to flawlessly closing gaps and replacing missing teeth or in some cases a full mouth reconstruction. Achieving your best and brightest smile is quick and easy. The most important factor is discovering what the client wants to portray with their smile and for their overall image. That decided; the rest is pure artistry.

The quest for whiter teeth has been the leading cosmetic dental treatment for the last decade exceeding consumer spending of one billion dollars annually. Far from the 1980’s and the at-home whitening systems, cosmetic dental spa offers a one hour in-office whitening treatments. And for some of your clients, whitening is just a stepping stone to an overall smile enhancement.

Smile designing embraces the skilled cosmetic dentist and the artist. During a cosmetic consultation the lips (frame), the gums (mat) and last but not least the teeth (artwork) are considered, as they are essential components of a well-balanced and beautiful smile. These aspects are discussed using moulds and digital photos of our client’s teeth and smile. An innovative opportunity to preview your smile is available by showing a “wax-up” technique incorporating our client’s moulds and photos to give an exciting look into the possibilities before the teeth are enhanced.

Personality, age and gender also play a role in determining the shape, color and contour of the final smile. Does the client want the “Hollywood smile” or are they dreaming of a natural yet sophisticated design? Someone desiring a younger appearance may have rounded shape teeth. In contrast, straight edges on teeth can give the appearance of maturity. A personality that wants to be noticed may select a whitening shade that allows their dazzling smile to enter the room before they do. All of these are considered during a smile enhancement as well as the bite, jaw, skull and muscles from which all of these parts are attached. The dazzling new porcelain smile is hand sculpted similar to the refining of custom made jewellery.

Spa Dentistry – the Future of Dentistry

Tranquil spa-like offices create a soothing ambiance. Enticing aromas of fresh floral arrangements, scented candles and accented by waterfalls, this is the progressive dental spa experience. Further enhanced by a reception offering tea, coffee, juice bar, comfortable surroundings with the feel of an upscale hotel.

While receiving a range of dental services from corrective to cosmetic, clients can indulge in warm paraffin hand or foot wax treatments, an acupressure eye mask, heated aromatherapy neck pillow, and a luxurious blanket. This spectrum of relaxing comforts includes TV and CD amenities. Our clients not only love their new smile but they enjoy the journey.

Dr. Cam Kesteven graduated from the University of Alberta in 1986, choosing to become a dentist out of a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals. He established a practice in the historical township of Mission, BC. He is an active member in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, International Association for Orthodontics, Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, and LVI (Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies) North America’s premiere educational centre for advanced cosmetic studies. He can be reached at Kesteven Dental Care Studio at 604-826-8087 or visit

Information provided by Dr. Cam Kesteven, DDS, member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Published in the Abbotsford & Mission News, April 2006

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