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How important is a smile

Beyond cavities, crowns and cleanings, the impact of a smile reaches from the corners of our mouth and into the depths of our emotions. We all benefit from a smile, whether we are on the giving or receiving end of it. It is the universal communication of a smile that defines us as approachable, sociable, and agreeable adults.

In this millennium, we celebrate looking our best. We sun-tan, colour our hair, wax and tweeze and have a workout regime. The desire to feel good about ourselves and put our best face forward is ageless and genderless. In the cosmetic field of dentistry, the number of men and women that desire physical changes to restore or enhance facial expressions, appearances and smiles is increasing.

Laughing is like a natural pain killer; it helps us digest our food, and improves blood flow. It stimulates the immune system to activate the pleasure centers and our metabolism picks up. Smiling and laughing fortifies us against depression and heart disease. It heightens our resistance to painAfter a period of laughing, we even feel relaxed. and can give us a sense of pleasure, peace and well-being.

So, if we know that smiling is good for us, why don’t we indulge more often? Possibly it is stress, busyness, or simply just a general unhappiness with our teeth. But that’s the great news! Sometimes the simplest reason is the easiest to fix. I have personally treated people who have felt a new lease on life once their smile has been restored. No longer afraid of evoking stares, they smile and laugh with freedom. And that is good medicine.

Ultimately the value of a smile is its ability to bring us joy. If you’ve been hiding your smile, putting up with pain, or delaying going to the dentist because you’re too busy, your life is about to change! New and safe oral sedation techniques mean you can have years of dental treatments done quickly, with little or no discomfort. Check out the latest options that will help you feel delighted to smile!

Information provided by Dr. Cam Kesteven, DDS, member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Published in the Abbotsford & Mission News, June 2005

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