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Digital Impressions-Latest Technology in Dental Impressions

Kesteven Dental Care Studio strives to utilize the latest technologies available to the industry for best practices and care of our dental patients/clients. This mini-article highlights the use of digital impressions, which you may not yet have experienced at KDC.

Accurate impressions are an essential aspect of fabricating excellent dental restorations. The latest techniques of computer-aided design and manufacturing systems make it possible to capture accurate impression data more quickly than conventional dental impressions.

Other benefits of digital impressions are:

  • The elimination of messy impression materials, potentially reducing impression-taking errors
  • A more comfortable experience for patients, with less chair time required for doing impressions
  • Information collected is transferred directly to a computer, then used to create the restoration
  • Improved impression quality, resulting in precision-fitting restorations
  • increased efficiency and accuracy in the creation of your restoration as data is emailed to the dental laboratory rather than sent by courier or mail
  • Digital impressions are eco- friendly because the need for disposable impression trays and materials is reduced or eliminated- less for the landfill
  • Turn around time may be faster as the digital impression is sent instantly to the lab
  • A digital scan can be magnified, evaluated and enhanced before the data is dent to the lab
  • It provides an opportunity to check preparations to accurately modify them as required

One of the most exciting aspects of digital impressions, is the enhancement of digital smile design and the ability to give a fundamental understanding of what teeth will look like with quality cosmetic dentistry and the best level of care possible.

Closing gaps between the craftsmanship of dentistry with the best technologies, allows improved patient education through the visualization of your dental care.