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White Fillings

Turn “Metal Mouth” into a natural smile.

Replacing old crowns, inlays, and bridges with metal-free restorations can help create a seamless look, giving you a beautiful smile that you will be happy to show off. White fillings or composite resin fillings, unlike metal fillings, are designed to reflect the translucence of natural teeth and will not show wear or cause opposing teeth to erode. If you would like to update your old fillings with composite fillings, call us to book an appointment today! We would love to give you the smile you deserve.

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What is a composite resin filling?

A composite resin filling, also known as a composite filling or white filling, is made from a tooth-coloured mixture of glass and plastic to create a filling that closely resembles the natural look and feel of teeth. This type of filling is applied in layers on the tooth and then hardened with a special curing light, allowing the resin in the mixture to bond with the tooth’s surface in seconds.

Compared to their metal counterparts that do not use the same bonding process, white fillings are much stronger and more durable. Composite fillings also do not expand or contract due to temperature changes like metal fillings do, which means that they will not put any extra strain on your teeth.

Are composite fillings better for you?

Since composite resin fillings are made from a non-toxic plastic and ceramic mixture, they provide a safe alternative to their metal counterparts which contain a mixture of metal alloys, including mercury. This means that white fillings have no adverse effects to worry about.

Composite fillings also do not require a significant amount of enamel to be removed before placing the filling like metal dental fillings do. This allows your teeth to maintain their structural integrity and strength, preventing sensitivity and adding stability to teeth that were already weakened by decay.

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