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Orthodontics with FASTBRACES®

FASTBRACES® Orthodontic Technology now makes it possible for dentists to efficiently diagnose and treat orthodontic patients, seeing results in a matter of days. These patented braces provide comprehensive orthodontics for adult patients looking to straighten their teeth comfortably, but don’t want to wait years for quality results or cut corners for speed. This technology helps restore bone and treat gum disease(gingivitis) from crooked teeth with light forces and fewer wires and adjustments. Thousands of patients over the years have benefited from this innovative technology. It enables dentists to begin straightening the roots of the teeth toward an upright position from day one and grow bone to avoid tooth extractions and reduce the need for IPR. (Interproximal Reduction)

 Benefits to FASTBRACES®

The key benefit to FASTBRACES® is that patients see a noticeable difference within a matter of days. Some patients could even be out of braces in approximately 100 days. Another reason behind the popularity of FASTBRACES® technology is decreased reported pain from patients. In fact, the inventor never prescribed pain medication to his thousands of patients. 

The system consists of uniquely designed brackets discreetly tooth-coloured, esthetic clear or metal braces. Designed to straighten teeth quickly, safely and efficiently, FASTBRACES® result in rapid root movement from the onset of therapy. Use of the light force, flexible, high tech nickel-titanium wire results in fewer dental visits without compromising treatment. 

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